WCF 學習資源

台灣微軟的中文 WCF 教學短片:http://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-tw/cc963629.aspx

Pluralsight.com 上面的 WCF 教學短片
  1. Creating your first WCF service
  2. Configuring services with endpoints
  3. Hosting WCF services in IIS
  4. Self-hosting WCF services
  5. Creating your first WCF client
  6. Configuring service references
  7. Getting started with the WCF REST Starter Kit
  8. A lap around the new API extensions - Part 1
  9. A lap around the new API extensions - Part 2
  10. Resource singleton services
  11. Resource collection services
  12. Atom feed services
  13. AtomPub services
  14. Calling services asynchronously with WCF
  15. Hosting WCF services in Windows Services
  16. Configuring WAS for TCP endpoints
  17. Configuring Bindings
  18. Configuring services with behaviors
  19. Configuring MEX endpoints
  20. Building RESTful Services with WCF
  21. Building RESTful Services with WCF (Part 2)
Joe Stagner 整理的「吃到飽」WCF 學習資源:Windows Communication Foundation - 65 Links to make you an expert! 。可惜 webcast 的音質不好,聽不清楚,virtual labs 也稍嫌舊了點,是用 Visual Studio 2005 來做練習。

比較新的 Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 Virtual Labs 裡面也有一些 WCF 練習。


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