ASP.NET Web Forms 與 MVC 之爭

ASP.NET Web Forms 與 MVC,看似兩種程式撰寫模型的技術之爭,但爭的往往是人,技術本身則無絕對優劣,端看誰用,怎麼用,用在哪裡。

Scott Gu 在他的文章<About Technical Debates (and ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC debates in particular) >裡面有句話說的好:
I often find debates around programming model appropriateness and abstractions a little silly....The interesting question to debate is not whether abstractions are good or not – but rather which abstractions feels most natural to you, and which map best to the requirements/scenarios/developers of your project.


Scott Gu 在文末的提醒也是良心建議:
Be constructive, not snarky. Teach, don’t lecture. Remember there is always someone else out there who you can also learn from.

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